Friday, October 29, 2010


These aspects confirm the values of abundant wealth and spending promises, the love and inhibition both advised, the humanitarian criticism, media and conjunctive or delimiting resistance and denial, the necessity and illusions of good options, in short a love hate relationship naturally develops as the USA’s political need for a wounded healer is not harmoniously accepted in the fiery association and sometimes friendship between the love for and administration of a country and this President.

President Obama inherits the mantle of both American independence and a slave legacy as a Black American with mixed roots, whose involvement seems now destined but also problematic to the national expansion and consolidation of this era. The abundant business acumen of the past is faced with its own confrontation of will, within which the President in deep waters of tradition vs progress, an ongoing battle in America where weapons of destruction, war and legitimate defense issues with aggressive business leadership confronting money and power motivations despite destructive environmental and humanitarian constraints and home security and land home banking ownership concerns.

Although the country’s complication rests also in a versatile intrusiveness and worldly designs amid an inner wish for peace, it also resents inflicted violence and outside control, while responsibility and conforming legal struggles fight between status quo and the liberty of people. Obama represents some of both traditions and failures, such as increased rhetoric and pure political pressures, stuck in the middle, hardly able to balanced improvement or find approval or lack thereof in the vulnerable state of Presidential control.

During the current cycle in long term afford us in cycles of the brilliant sun and lavish grains, elements of necessary water (emotion) and light (insight), amid increased warming and sun spot activity and internal derision afflicted by past causes and destructive waters of passion and denial among the national parties and society. This karmatic situation holds substantial distinction for Obama noted by primary links and conjunctions (Leo the Lion, Virgo the Virgin, Gemini the twins) and conflicts of the Aries/Libra, Cancer/Capricorn cardinal oppositions) which suggests duality, innocence, and egocentric humanity in a national state of change. There is both the love and amour of his charisma and the executive position and social power and control issues of a nation afflicted by lack of direction, jobs, business industry control and diversified economics with education and attitudinal and health environment problems. It seems as if almost all of this coordination comes to rest on the Presidential figure, and his place considered emblematic or conditionally resented on both sides.

I cannot think of any more karmic attempt to find bilateral and party politic derision at the same time producing health progress and futuristic appeal amidst strong concerns for affecting government policy or advancing the expensive USA political system which seems more capable to put money forth for campaigns in elections than it does for actual changes or advantages created. Obama stands on the sol Taurian line of economic balance and tax interest credit problems unprecedented but still common in the thread of history.

ASPECTS OF THE PRESIDENTS TERM: During the four years of the President the USA and Obama aspects as URANUS goes from late Pisces through Mid Aries. Neptune goes from end of Aquarius to Pisces, and Pluto goes from Capricorn to Mid-Capricorn. Saturn also travels through late Virgo through Libra. It will reach Scorpio in 2012/13. Uranus after opposing Mars (during election process of 2008) bringing in the first black USA president, representing the dream of many American for full liberty of all its people to become a leader, just as Neptune conjunct the USA Moon, inviting a sense of the American dream fulfilled for most that America reaches a peak in history, which could also be the beginning of a falling off or fading of power in a long 168 year cycle.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


PANEAGLE is the American SOL ASTROLOGY. He observes from his chair the events of the world, and governments as well as the STARS and through special methods derived to observe causes and effects world wide. Paneagle also works in United Planet Effort to the best humanity can be, of responsible, integrated and universal ways.

America stands at a crossroads. As we near 2012, a crisis looming of environment, resources and population, with increasing danger of disease, pandemics, critical shortages of food and water, and pollution and waste seemingly ready to swallow us up. We must not exist in a vacuum, or isolated. Can man make his way through. Individually we may be able to survive and even thrive spiritually, but shall we ignore or do so without some assistance to all. America is a nation of people, many young and old souls, who are seeing the crisis, and wanting to see it also become a paradise. If this is possible, then so be it. Let us at least know the facts.

Paneagle presents the current cycles affecting man and nations, along with higher principles and values to demonstrate ways of doing our best, and being both spiritual and humanitarian. Read this blog and others to transform your views, and discover your self in a larger context, as a true spiritual human being. The knowledge of world and personal cycles is a part of this, but not all. The integration of principle with action demand unity of both. How do we create income, production, and values, without harm or waste. How can we become more than we have been so far?

PANEAGLE can reveal your SOL and SPIRIT signs, life cycles, and much more.
THE AMERICAN SOL ASTROLOGER also opens the door to assist leaders, individuals, and business persons in many areas, for relationships, success, or freedom, each aspect is a principle we express, with full knowledge and a desire always for truth. This is also your crossroads, for the world entering a new age must know the principles of existence and consciousness to live in that new age.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008



America's greed, selfishness, desire, and wealth control ownership of land and resources are threats to environment and people. We have produced the internal combustion engine automobile, coal burning and nuclear energy and chemical pollutions, Waste plastic packaging bulk waste, worldwide and oceanic oil drilling, groundwater and water pollution, habitat destruction, governmental, political and special interest excess, media manipulation and false patriotism, the military industrial and weaponry complex, billion dollar debt and encorachment, invasive expansion, and major coastal problems. We have complex immigrations and social problems, hunger and drug dependency, large scale prison populations, and economic imbalances across the board. This nation is truly conflicted and much in denial to its cause and effect, as to its' promotions, antagonisms, or degradations.

Astrologically, our natal birth began at odds with Sun and Saturn, Mars and Neptune, and Mercury and Pluto. Even within the special 60th harmonic sol chart of this nation, we see our strong sense of love, security, and heart amidst world concerns, new inventions, and universalism, that the chart reprensenting our Sol or inner side, has almost all conflicted oppositions and squares. It is the challenge to which we face and this Sol astrologer commits this space, to describe and respect, for our true life, liberty, and a wondrous pursuit of real happiness. If health, wealth, and zealth is our true regard, then so be it, for we are on the horizon of a major change in how we do economics, social coordination, and worldly action.

The nation has shown itself to be invasive, aggressive, and in denial about effects upon the world or causes upon other nations which have propelled negative reaction, terror or otherwise. Is their a solution to the dilemma? Or shall we help to destroy environment and habitat, for man and animal? Is the supression or monetary debillitation and social righteousness (Sun Saturn), nor controlled publicity or religious motivations, self indulgence, co-dependency, and common ignorance (Mars Neptune) or military like manipulation (Mercury - Pluto), to ask if our government's overt patriotic idealogy and false identity is reversible?

The soul of a person is the reason for life, to know it in love, best of all. But even if the birth of a nation is not the only indication, we must also see if these material and surface reasons are real representations of a far deeper spiritual conflict between the negative forces at work in the world. Even so, there are always ways to positively counter or intervene, to find the doorway, not the door. The dilemma may be a paradox, or a proactive dynamic to bring about the higher realization. For example positive expressions of the negative aspects are as follows;


Sun Saturn: "Ideally, these 'people' eventually learn that the standards they set for themselves are too high, and that may be the reason they seem to hit brick walls. They recognize that many of the restrictions they face in life are often self-created, born of a defeatist attitude. They should be aware of the tendency to choose the hardest paths to travel and/or to deny themselves some of life's pleasures. Working on recognizing and managing these tendencies will help them to avoid the pitfalls of this combination. These people have a sarcastic sense of humor, a keen intelligence, and the ability to apply caution and strategy. The vitality may suffer, and troubles with circulation surface."


Mars Neptune: "You have a strong urge to act out your fantasies or to live your dream, and you will DO things that others only talk about or dream about. Artistic creation, drama, or other areas in which you can express yourself imaginatively are excellent for you. Work that serves only your own narrow personal interests does not satisfy you. You may lack the competitive edge, the fighting spirit, the me-first attitude that is often required for material advancement and success. You also tend to either overestimate or underestimate your own power and abilities. You are all too aware of your own weaknesses and need to develop a sure sense of your own spiritual motivation. Then relationships with others form on established ground of inspiration and compassion. As you overcome the urge to indulge in momentary physical pleasures, you build the capacity for spiritual ecstasy."


Mercury pluto: "You must learn to control your impatience and impulsiveness, to think things over before speaking, and to respect the weaknesses of others. Never satisfied with the face value of anything, you are always probing beneath the surface for deeper reasons and hidden motives - though you rarely reveal your own. You have a very suspicious, even paranoid, side. You mind is penetrating and deep and you have an aptitude for research, investigative reporting, or private investigation. You are keenly interested in the deeper aspects of the human psyche, with a sort of "x-ray vision" regarding the inner motivations and intentions of others. You are drawn to anything secret, hidden, or mysterious, and may pursue esoteric or occult studies. You are also a forceful and convincing speaker or writer, with the ability to influence peoples' thinking by the sheer power of your conviction.


The Ameriginal is an American born descendent of continental ancestors who does not formally identify with america, yet may sense the fresponsible choice of life, and cause and effect, to be responsible to life and freedom both, to use wise free will and non-identity, non-egoistic, non-personalized and non-religious or non-political agenda. It is this unity of life and purpose and ethical principle for which we all stand, american and iginal people everywhere. We may thus stand in a true enterran Earth without borders. It is the free right of all ameiriginals to exist, non in evasive and non-conflicting, non-violent and non-attached and still able to maximize and not marginalize the masses nor individuals who would accept the reality of life, our choices, even identifications, without becoming so emmersed we drown, or so objectified, we do not see the spiritual truth this represents. It is in that sense a battle with weopons, and a world without limits. All are Ameriginal or Iginal people, and in this we must and do stand united, unified, and absolutely realized.


This year being in chinese terms the year of the rat, with the Olympics in Beijing, and chinese products being investigated, should be regulated, and chicken feed seems better avoided, we come to a critical political choice, with far more energy used for the election than resolving the issues, America is chosing the rock or a hard place once again, due to interest mortgage banking traditions, and how we carry out international business, not to mention private enterprise. We live on military expenditure while we see the increased import export deficits. Recession is a common word used, and many are hunkering down instead of fighting the good fight. It is this ill at ease America that needs the best of its efforts rising above poor education and a lower class seemingly hell bent on religious revivalism or poverty or drug induced crime. No wonder Hollywood feeds like parasites on the violence and promotion of individualism in the name of personal freedom at any cost. Please, be advised, their is a positive movement equal to this, but the push and pull of forces is surely taxing the people and the environment both.


Americans and Ameriginals have freedom. Free speech does mean we have the right to speak out, but does it give us the right to say or do anything in anyplace at anytime, without regard to consequences. So we now introduce the CONCEPT OF FRESPONSIBILITY. The fresponse is the right or urge to respond freely but in a responsible self-aware manner, one that regards some level of return on action, or responsible freedom, for we know responsibility gives us freedom, and purpose, while freedom is only found when one is also responsible. The two work hand in hand, and this is an idealized truth, but real, if we see it naturally. No man is an island, and no land is for one man. But we can be fresponsible to what we have, and then do more, inclusive, to help others, the government, or tne world. This is to govern without government, to know principle, ahead of rule of law. If we hold each in its place, we shall find more true freponsuible people, ameriginals and americans, as well as those around the world. This is not to make one world government, but to make one world, liveable for all. That is the goal. This is what makes sense.


Sunday, January 13, 2008


Paneagle is the one Solastician, the American sol astrologer. But it must be noted this is but a vehicle to describe events and patterns of the nation, to assist our path and smooth our way. The following notes speak of our current American year. If we could change the future, we do so in the present, with our attitude and view. So here is a chance.

When one well known American dies, another comes to fill his space, like a comedian who becomes our own, taking the mantle for another lost to time. In each area we have certain channels, men who speak of values, and truths, in humor or with words, so we note the Tom Hanks, Mark Twain, or Forrest Gump, or Samuel Clemens, each as a monikor of something instilled in our psyche of the American climate. So it is time passes, things do change, but remain much the same.

Books were read. Stories told. Now movies do the telling more. People don't read when picture and sound tells more. But those who read do know more. So we get the blogspot and the This all provides us FYI or TMI. Will we read books on computer in the sun at the beach? It's not far off. Will we also see the unity we are with all life, and stop the polluting? These are the questions of war, famine, poverty, license to kill, and government abuse. All of them are inherent problems related to our original soul. That Soul is really alive and thriving beyond them is the miracle we must see, so we shall see the best we can be.

America has a destiny. It may be to find the freedom of Soul and its reality in each of us. American may like the body one day pass, but for now it is alive and real, and growing, and those of us who join the planting of seeds also find the joys of our soul. This is what has born the american pastime, the american dream, and the american dilemma. So it must be. Let us see what the year ahead shows.

Capricorn January has jupiter, warmer weather in winter, and business change as well as opportunity to adjust and expand.

Aquarius February has neptune, and our moon, something of the spiritual awakening and the sensitivity of the dreamer, inconsistent as it is, a value to inspire us to realization and service to the world and our people. It leads us ahead, even if illusions have also made it clear we are not all clear.

Pisces March is Uranus, changes of view, windy rain spring, weather and climate change apparent, while freedom speaks of religion and politics, it may be quite a bit more varied, while science discoveries continue to abound, healing is not so easily demonstrated. Universal acceptance is limited to our inner viewpoint, and eccentricity is naturally inventive, we may not understand the perceptions coming to us.

April is spring, our oppositions conspire, the aggression against our idealism, the nations may not transpose to see peace, nor the balanced need of business, the appeal of romance naturally, and desire which can be denied or complied. Not an unusually positive spring, we work our ambition and purposes with might or flight.
The winds may blow with or without rain, hopefully filling the drought areas more than less.

May is good to our Venus and Jupiter and we may find the wealth of the land, and some providence, although economics have suffered for many, and still will, if we are not as productive as we should be. Look for values American and in Americans.

June is judicious, the mars active speed and travelers everywhere, getting out of school, we sprightly go, and notice the odd cost of movement, the realization of ideals is often against human nature, and war distances and men sent to war will have to resist the temptation to bolt or bluster. We may find the resistance to change is the same impelling force to make change. What a web is woven.
Late June is always a most opportune time.

July is our venus and jupiter and sun all in cancer, the well spring of our breadbasket but transformations abound as we must see the future of sustenance, and appeal to nurture the land and people, if we do without business execution and purpose, we fail, and this construct of plutonian dynamic is the realization of our relationship to the earth, our soil, our marketing, and our environment. This future
is the revelation of the past come to haunt or heal us, as we may see truth and the best rights of all.

August is ahead with the other 5 months to come. Well we should see them. People of the world and man, American Sol, we have a destiny to know.

We need to notice Pluto will reach opposite the venus and jupiter of the USA in the coming two years, and large scale financial adjustment and transformation is in the works, use of resources, earth awareness and environmental developments. Pluto will oppose the USA sun within 7 years, and this long term cycle bringing change must be addressed this year as Jupiter affords us excellent opportunity. It could prove effective and highly responsible within 6 years for our country, or cause major consequences if avoided. It must be addressed in the new governmental adminstration right from the start.

Sunday, January 6, 2008



Americans are individuals, perhaps more than any other country. Was Will Rogers a born again, Marilyn Monroe a friend, or Lucille Ball an archetype of her generation? Was Mark Twain just a writer, like the American SOL Astrologer, Galactician Peter Adams, who is a patriot and a rebel with a cause, too. But unlike these national institutions, there are those who go unseen by the populus, aware of events and relationships few would see in the profound moments that develop our psyche and future attention.

For example, can the recent snow storm in California be indirectly linked to a woman who traveled with Tuberculosis a month ago and has infected others first in San Francisco, where the plane landed and now the storm was centered along the coast. In addition, the national mortgage crisis would be in full effect, linked to a certain area in California that may have the highest incidence in the nation, all relative to those being evicted or under serious financial burden currently, such as a client requesting Aastrology answers. Now the snow comes to cover the Sierra's to block the roads east. Is it symbolic as the law of relativity in action? We feel sure Einstein would be intriqued.

Man is related to his environment, as all of us acknowledge we are physical beings. Many outwardly will say we also have a soul, or spirit, but it is generalized, quite naturally, and surely not aligned to the stars. Who would say we have sol signs or a destiny of soul? But we will say we have an America destiny that is aligned with freedom and something called the American Dream, which is all about security and opportunity. Yet this appears almost as illusive as the designation of Soul.


Even if he has a Soul consciousness, what of its relation to physical life? Certain individuals like Will and Marilyn and Mark were iconic individuals. But they suffered in their psyche's too. How can the American Sol Astrologer say he speak for many others and to a unified manifest destiny? Did Will Rogers seek notoriety on his own? It seems he only had the American mentality in his heart and one day he became in reality an Icon, but he had that long held feeling from the get go. If it was in the signs, we did'nt care.

There is so very much to report in American Sol that priority in thought manifests immediately to discuss only the most vital. But we want to be entertained, and that means specific but playful details, a character provided which has feelings like a Jackie Gleason or Lucy. Here though we seek neither icon nor devotion because the real purpose is not success, but natural patriotic concerns for the American welfare.

Paneagle feels the original motivations and events that went into the psyche of America are found in the very challenged Sol chart of the United States. That the galactician reports his unusual technique and is mostly a law unto himself, of the inventor psyche, is not unrelated to the original Americans. That a code of conduct was developed in the Constitution to follow our first Declaration, is also relative. We must see all our inventions and inventors lead America today, and as we follow, events unfold upon our environments, soul, physical or psyche.


Is Astrology something we need to become part of the American package? It already is, even if we deny or denigrate it. But it is just a tool, like electricity, not the cause, but clearly effecting. Americans seek the new and the unique, the special quality that makes us Americans. If Mark Twain had a computer, it is remarkable to think how much he would have written. The problem is, the galactician has discovered a niche of value in Sol Astrology, the Ameriginal, and other creative ideas, because they also exist. Now we look to see the future before it comes upon us. This is our assistance, to become the first nation truly aware of cause and effect, to be proactive before the after effect.

Are we in denial, or just in transformation? To the sky we soar, the universe we roam, the oceans we explore, and the microcosm unfolds its' nano secrets. There is a story here, our great story, unfolding like puzzle pieces, being examined because we need to. The relationship of man to the planet is real. But we are also Soul individuals. That this column is created in cyber space does not mean it is not real. In fact, this is the reality we are finding, how man and events and consciousness are all intertwined. It leads us to the road of soul freedom, and that is the purpose.

This is a call to signs, because that is preparation, but there is a lot more than just the Stars to consider. We must not be in denial. The pattern of the American Psyche determines our future. It is to see things as they are, and not deny. What choice shall we be?.

Saturday, December 22, 2007



NEWS: The FBI will now create the world's largest biometrics database. We all know the United States Sun birthdate in the sign Cancer means nurture and security, but how far we will go? The biometrics face, finger and palm prints can recognize criminals and terrorists, but many should ask, of what price is freedom for Americans? How far and to what ends should we go?

Recently Tom Hanks interview comment was that the original executive model has shown its' inherent failure. As our original Neptune in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn have been long challenges America has faced such as the crisis of the civil and world wars and executive privilige, the miluitary induistrial complex, the industrial model of capital profit and maximum resource marketing has led to global environmental crisis. But Americans as whole care deeply both economically and in practicality, and can solve the riddle of organizational economic and human values.


America has reached its 230th birthday. The 23 decades mark a journey past our youthful teen years into the first stages as an adult work force. The Destiny of America is freedom and responsibility in unity. Their is no doubt spiritual freedom and religious and government have been at odds, as well as with the scientific and universal family of man, but does this lead to Armegeddon, or a new civlization of the universe? Big questions need real answers, and most have built in solution, if we will just listen. We are entering our 24th decade, which is like America being in its first day of life, in the cosmic sense. A critical period is upon us.

We do stand at a crossroads, and nearly every day must make good long term decisions. We have to note here the Millenium method of Sol Astrology which progresses the charts ahead to equal periods of age, such as 24 days, or 2.5 days, which is the equivalent to a Millenium speed of 1000 days for one day. In this view, a maximum long term projection of United States events can be made. Saturn will reach one sharp point on the midheaven peak point in the 2020's, and later Pluto will find the horizon point at the end of this century. As well, for the world, Polaris will convene over the polar axis exactly around 2100. This cycles definitely point to a vital importance of responsibility, and a purpose to cause effective and world concerned systems and constructive integration before these two major cycle times are reached.

2012; Is it the end of days, or the beginning of a NU Aquarian Age?

Many are looking also at the coming T-Square and strong aspects of Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn in the coming years between 2008 and 2014. So very soon we are going into a dramatic shift of atttidue and function, to try to find the answers to global conditions, economics, and environmental equilibrium. This is indeed a remarkable and dynamic period where our first real consciousness shift will occur, as the world people realize as a whole, and many individually, who we are and what we really can do with our world, spiritually, and physically. Knowing it is one world and one God or One life, is not enough. Evidentally, it must be a great integrated context we use in all our actions and thoughts.

PanEagle describes a united planet effort, and this should include business, free rights, government, universal principles and realistic human values. But it must be more than words. Still, the Universal Perception is a valid concept, and it is our purpose to provide as much of it, in as many ways, as we possibly can. All of us are working towards it, even if we are not aware. It is a coming realization, and let us see to living it, here and now.

best to all, from Eagle Works

Monday, December 17, 2007



The Chinese say America born in "Year of DOG" and the star Sirius seen in the current Cancer president George Bush, the war on terror, and a dogged determination. But as Sirius is a brightly lit rainbow blue star in the Dog constellation makes us a brighter dog, even if stubborn and loyal to a fault, where tradition makes us sing, howling wolf patriots ring and rock and roll blues bring us songs and native Son (sun) media shows us the story.

Like a young republican looking for a dollar made bone, America has progressed to the 23rd decade (230 years advanced), which is equal to 23 months advancing, so we near our full round in the next 10 years of the twelve decades of birthday. This is our century period now of the Rat decade group, begun in the 1940's, which has seen its' share of enemies, undiagnosed threats, hidden plagues, excess weight gain and other rat packing, polluting environments of the body and psyche, hidden terrorisms, medical breakthroughts, serial killers, Hitler Nazi type enemies, Japanese invasions, digging for riches and oil related control of economny, business survival and self-interest politics, among many other conditions.

We have to assign china as a potential rat as well, with the recent lead toy import problems and child labor wal-mart production scandal. The American century Rat period is only 6 decades in, and the sixth period for this decade is the days of music, ala American Idol representing its peak. Paneagle suggests also a 60 year cycle is upon us, completing in 2016 the entire rock and roll era, and moving us to new musical expressions, and a larger appreciation of sound. We will likely be using technology like never before. It is quite a time we live in. We do need to clean up the environment and pronto in the next 6 decades as the rat years surely indicate the necessity and challenge ahead.

Chinese signs are only part of the large picture of American SOL Signs, and other progressions. We come this year to new developments in the Aquarian Node position, for humanity, the public, technology, inventions, unified ecuation, world friendships and conditions, humanitarinism, movie production, Astrology and many other areas all working towards higher purpose and aspiration. Paneagle presents his own new venture here in and all invited to discover, learn, enjoy.